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Loading up the Book of Faces

Ranjit and his father, Ravi, were visiting Ravi's father in the village. It had been a few years since Ranjit had seen Dadaji, and he was eager to hear one of the old man's stories. "Dadaji, tell me about the time you captured the tiger." His grandfather took him into his bedroom, opened the drawer of a cluttered desk and pulled out a large book. He turned to a page with a black-and-white photo of two bare-chested young men posing with a tiger in a cage. "What is this book called?" … Read More

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Sachin Tendulkar: The Best Kind of Fame

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest cricket players ever, a titan of his sport. But poor Maria Sharapova had never heard of him, never heard of a man who is so beloved in India, he could endorse a … Read More

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Human Bites: Our Primate Connection

FIFA, football's governing body, recently imposed a four-month ban on Uruguay striker Luis Suarez for biting an Italian opponent, Giorgio Chiellini, during a World Cup match. It was the third biting … Read More

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Five Reasons to Love the World Cup

If you haven't been following the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, you may be wondering what all the excitement is about. Let me put it in just a few words: another excuse to drink beer. The amount … Read More

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The Punjab-Georgia Farmer Exchange Program

The word spread quickly through the farming community in Georgia: thousands of Indian farmers, mostly from the northern state of Punjab, were heading to Georgia to buy large parcels of fertile … Read More


Letter to your child’s teacher

Both my daughters are in school –- Lekha in third grade and Divya in first grade –- so I know firsthand the challenges of being a parent of school-going kids. That’s why I’ve decided to create a form … Read More


Facing up to an addiction

The 76-year-old woman walked down the hallway of Clearview Addictions Clinic, searching for the right department. She passed signs for the “HeroinAddiction Department (HAD),” the “Smoking Addiction … Read More


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