Heroes of the Week: Glen Pearson and Jane Roy

In 2001, Glen Pearson and his wife, Jane Roy, adopted an orphaned Sudanese girl named Abuk. FourPearson
years later, the London, Ontario, couple discovered that Abuk had a twin sister and a brother. It was a no-brainer for them: They had to reunite the children. After years of effort, Abuk’s siblings, 10-year-old Ater and 7-year-old Achen, finally arrived in Canada for a joyful reunion with her.

The three children tore through the house, led by the old pro at this, the small seven-year-old.

"Don’t let the cats out. Take your shoes off! This is our room."

Then back outside. "My brother and sister are here!" she shouted to neighbours. [Link]

Look at the smiles on their faces. As a parent, I know how hard it is to get three children to smile in a photo, I know why their mother has to reach forward and do a little tickling.

To Pearson, the Liberal MP for London-North-Centre, the effort to get
the children symbolizes the good that can happen in the world.

"It is a story of hope. There are hundreds of thousands of
refugees being reunited in Sudan. They are going to communities that
need water and help, but they are being reunited. War separated these
children. Peace got them back."

It was more than peace that got them back. It was two people with big hearts. Thanks to them, Abuk will grow up with a brother and sister. She’ll have someone to hug, someone to play with, someone to blame when the cats are out.

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