Seventy-eight isn’t enough

Remember the show Eight is Enough? Well, for one father in the United Arab Emirates, 78 isn’t enough.Caslyfc5_3
He hopes to hit 100 by 2015.

Daad Mohammed Murad Abdul Rahman, 60, has already had 15
brides although he has to divorce them as he goes along to
remain within the legal limit of four wives at a time.

"In 2015 I will be 68 years old and will have 100
children," the local tabloid quoted Abdul Rahman as saying.

"After that I will stop marrying. I have to have at least
three more marriages to hit the century."

Poor guy — he’s allowed to have only four wives at a time. Otherwise he could have hit the century mark years ago. He could have married 100 women and gotten them all pregnant around the same time. Half of them on Tuesday, the other half on Wednesday.

The United Arab Emirates newspaper splashed its front page
with a picture of Abdul Rahman surrounded by his children, the
eldest of whom is 36 years old and the youngest of whom is 20
days old. Two of his current three wives are also pregnant.

Let me get this straight: He’s allowed to have four wives, but he
currently has only three — and one of them isn’t even pregnant. What
an underachiever! What is he doing with his time — watching camel racing?
He needs to get motivational guru Tony Robbins to give him a pep talk:
"Daad, you need to stay focused on your goals. As soon as you wake up
in the morning, you need to ask yourself, ‘Which of my wives isn’t
pregnant?’ You need to give her a big kiss and ask her to remain in bed
with you, while the others go and make breakfast."

Abdul Rahman said his large family lived in 15 houses. He
supports them with his military pension and the help of the
government of Ajman, one of seven emirates that comprise the
UAE, which includes the Gulf trade and tourism hub of Dubai.

I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. It’s hard enough raising three
children. Seventy-eight would be too many. I don’t know what I’d lose
first: my hair or my mind.

I can barely satisfy one wife — I don’t know how I’d satisfy
three. There’d be three women to tell me to clean up after myself,
three women to tell me to take out the trash, three women to tell me to
get rid of the other two.

And it isn’t just the three wives I’d have to put up with. It’s also
three mothers-in-law! That settles it: I’m sending a sympathy card
to Daad Mohammed Murad Abdul Rahman.

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  1. The most amazing thing is that he’s probably impotent 😉

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