Virgin power in Zambia

Here are a few AIDS-prevention posters being used in Zambia. Some urge youths to abstain from sex, others promote condom use, a few try to do both.



I’m not sure what the first woman is saying, but the second is saying, "Stop hugging and start walking!" and the third is saying, "Leave me alone!" I like the idea of "Virgin Power, Virgin Pride." In the western world, the only people who seem to  exhibit "Virgin Power, Virgin Pride" are the ones who work for Virgin Airways.







You’d better use it when there isn’t love too!


Just how cool am I? Not too cool, especially when I keep scratching myself in public.


"The risk of getting HIV is even greater with too many girlfriends." So is the risk of getting slapped.


"No matter how handsome, how strong, how rich, how funny, how kind, no matter how much you trust him. You can’t tell by looking who has HIV. Abstain or use a condom everytime." And ask yourself, "Can I really trust a man who smiles so much?"


A real man waits too. He waits for the real woman. When they’re both ready, they can have real sex.

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  1. lol….
    i like the ad featuring the guy scratching…
    Personally, i don’t feel that the abstinence message is as powerful as the protect thyself msg…

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