When teachers act like gangsters

During my schooldays, I endured a number of canings and pinchings at the hands of teachers andStrap
principals, both in Zambia and India. I vividly remember my entire Form 3 (Grade 10) class being caned in Ndola, Zambia, because we were making too much noise. My butt was sore for days — and striped for even longer. I also remember being pinched so hard at a Seventh Day Adventist school in Madurai, India, that part of my arm turned green and my eyes saw red.

Corporal punishment has thankfully been eradicated in some countries, including Canada, but it’s still prevalent in many others, including India, where one poor girl in Bangalore was recently attacked by five gangsters posing as teachers.

In a gruesome
incident, an 11-year-old VIth standard girl student of a City school
was allegedly beaten black-and-blue by her teachers resulting in
grievous injuries. Reason? For not doing her homework. Worse, the
teachers who beat her up are themselves women. [Link]

Females beating another female? I’m in total shock. Were they taking testosterone or something?

When Deccan Herald visited the girl, Sangeeta, she showed scars on her
hands and legs. “When I went to class after the morning prayer meeting,
Ms Lakshmikala, the class as well as maths teacher, wanted to check the
homework. Though I had done my homework, she started beating me without
any reason,” said Sangeeta.

Other lady teachers – Ms Blezi, Ms Vinoda, Ms Sangeeta and Ms Veena –
also hit her, she said. They tore up her notebook and to add to the
indignity, they lifted her skirt in front of all the students, a
sobbing Sangeeta said.

Ms Sashaikala, the headmistress, also took her to task for “not doing”
her homework, Sangeeta added. “They ganged up and threatened to parade
me nude on the school grounds,” she said.

Ms Lakshmikala, Ms Blezi, Ms Vinoda, Ms Sangeeta and Ms Veena — someone ought to give them a taste of their own medicine. Bend them over and give them a whack. I suggest Barry Bonds. He knows how to swing a bat.

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  1. Lili Gharieb says:

    If a parent has a child that is an angel and smart as a whip and always respects the will of their peers….no problem.
    The Bible plainly says that if one spares the rod the child will be spoiled. Believe it!! When you have a child I hope it is a monster….that should be enough of a wake up call.
    No matter what we attempt to learn in life it all comes with a price tag….Money/time/energy/dedication….and always with pain. Taking out the old ‘rod’ once in awhile reduces that cost to a minimum.

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