Heroine of the Week: Anonymous real-estate agent

She’s an anonymous real-estate agent in Alameda County, California, and she did something that I findWanted_sign
incredible: she set up a job interview for the man who had just raped her. No, this isn’t a story of instant forgiveness — it’s a story of courage and ingenuity.

When the 47-year-old woman’s
alleged assailant showed up at a coffee shop the day after the attack
for his job interview, sheriff’s deputies took him into custody.

Howard Moore, 24, of San Leandro, was arrested on suspicion of rape, sheriff’s Sgt. J.D. Nelson said.

The woman, who works as a
real-estate agent, was showing a home in Alameda County to a
prospective buyer Aug. 16 when the prospective buyer attacked her,
Nelson said. He declined to say where the incident happened because
that could identify the victim.

The alleged rapist probably thought he was quite smart, getting a real-estate agent to show him a house and then raping her. But she turned out to be far smarter than him.

During the attack, the woman started to befriend him "in attempt to gain his trust," Nelson said.

She told him she wasn’t going to call the police and would try to
help him, Nelson said. She even went as far as to promise to arrange a
job interview for a security or bodyguard position for the man the
following day, Nelson said.[Link]

I don’t know what’s more amazing: her courage or his stupidity. Did he really think she was going to set him up for a security or bodyguard position — after he had choked, raped and robbed her? That’s like Michael Vick interviewing for a position with PETA.

She must be a terrific real-estate agent. If she can convince a
rapist to show up for a job interview, she can probably convince me to
buy the house next to the sewer plant.

The woman later told investigators that she had set up the
interview so "she could exact vigilante justice on him," Nelson said.
"The victim was afraid the suspect would not be sent to prison for the

She ultimately decided to call the sheriff at the urging of a relative who used to work as a police officer, Nelson said.[Link]

Good decision. I would have been tempted to kick him where it hurts most. And then call police.

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  1. Aurovindo Choudhury says:

    Criminals with all glorified public servants titles are screwing the mass, the have nots, for the last 60 years.
    Of course, this is the biggest democrary of have nots and criminals in the world.

  2. Lili Gharieb says:

    After the evils that Bush has been guilty of I thought up a new campaigne slogan:

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