Four More Supporters For Fred

Fred Thompson, the former U.S. senator who played a district attorney on Law & Order, is running forFred_thompson
president, and his campaign has kicked off in a big way in Utah.

A handful of Utah
"Fredheads" – political activists supporting the late entry of
Republican Fred Thompson into the presidential sweepstakes – gathered
Thursday in Salt Lake City to kick off their campaign for the oldest
fresh face in the race.

Just four Thompson supporters showed up at Utah Republican
Party headquarters for the event, leaving dozens of untouched cookies
and vegetable snacks provided in hopes a much bigger crowd would

But on a positive note, there were enough supporters at the event to hold up the letters "F-R-E-D."

I’m really surprised more people didn’t show up. Perhaps all the promotional posters and fliers said, "Please come and support the Fred Thompson for President campaign." It would have been more effective, of course, to say, "Free cookies!!! Free cookies!!! Come and eat them in support of Fred."

It shouldn’t be difficult to attract more than four people in Utah, especially if refreshments are served and men are allowed to bring ALL their wives.

Well, at least Thompson wasn’t at the event. That would have been
really embarrassing, especially if he had followed the strategy of
other politicians around the world.

Thompson: "Where is everybody? How come nobody showed up?"

Campaign manager: "Sorry, Senator, we sent the bus around town but
nobody would get on, not even those illegal aliens from Mexico on the
street corner."

Thompson: "Did you tell them about the free cookies?"

Manager: "Yes, but they said they’d rather go to the Mexican bakery and buy some."

Thompson: "Did you offer them money?"

Manager: "Yes, but they wanted to be paid more than $10 to sit through one of your speeches."

Thompson: "Did you mention that I’m a celebrity, that I’ve acted on Law & Order?"

Manager: "Yes, I did. And as soon as they heard the words Law & Order, they ran away as fast as they could."

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