Rudy Giuliani loves his wife

I just returned home from a three-week vacation and while I was gone, something amazing happened: Rudy Giuliani spoke to his wife. He told her he loves her. Twice. In the middle of a speech. Here’s the video of the earth-shattering moment:

Wow, what a great family man! He loves his wife, Judy, so much, he’s willing to take a phone call from her in the middle of a speech. Everyone should vote for him!

Isn’t it wonderful that Judy just happened to call him in the middle of speech? Otherwise Americans wouldn’t know what a great family man he is and some of them would end up voting for Hillary Clinton or some other presidential candidate who doesn’t know the first thing about family values.

And now back to reality …

I’m sure Giuliani does love his wife — as much as he loved the previous two.

I’m sure Giuliani didn’t set up that call — his campaign manager did.

I’m sure Giuliani never did that before — not in the same building.

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