Don’t look down on this proposal

There are many ways to propose to a woman, some more creative than Marrymeothers. I hid the engagement ring in
a shell that Malathi found at the beach. Yeah, I know: Not very original. Joel Doerksen of Manitoba, Canada, did much better. He spent several hours using a cultivator to carve the words "Christine, will you marry me?" into a field on his family farm, making each letter 210 feet long. Then he took his girlfriend, Christine Ginter, for a plane ride over the field. How did she respond? She took him to a field on her family farm where she had carved the words "Not if you’re the last man alive."

Actually, she said, "Yes!" And so did about 100 other Christines who happened to fly past the field that day. Every man in Manitoba who had a girlfriend named Christine grabbed the opportunity to be considered romantic. At least that’s what I’m guessing. Wouldn’t it be a pity, after all, if Joel’s hard work and creativity were enjoyed by just one woman?

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  1. Joel Doerksen says:

    Hey thanks for your interest in our engagement. I never thought that my proposal would get as much attention as it has.
    As far as other Christines getting engaged over it… the sweetness would only last until someone told them their boyfriend wasn’t original and that the message was for a different Christine! I wouldn’t want to be around when that happened!
    Thanks again,
    P.S. Hiding the ring in a shell on the beach isn’t bad… it worked didn’t it?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Joel. And congratulations on your engagement!

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