Too drunk to know what hit her

Sometimes when you’ve had too much to drink, you’ve also had too much too think.Beer

It’s a bad idea to become heavily intoxicated and try to beat an oncoming train across the tracks.

A man and a woman did just that in Delray Beach Tuesday night,
police said. Both were hit by a train along the Florida East Coast
Railway tracks on Southeast Fourth Street.

But a broken leg didn’t stop the woman from trying to score one last beer, according to a police report.

“What happened?” she asked the paramedics as they placed her on a backboard.

“You were hit by a train,” a paramedic said.

“Oh,” said the woman. “Can I get a beer?” [Link]

That reminds me of the time I witnessed a pedestrian being struck by a car in Ocean City, Maryland. The man’s head hit the windshield, leaving a big dent, and he was thrown several yards away. He lay in the middle of the road for a minute or two, then was helped to the side by a couple of people. As he awaited the ambulance that had been summoned, he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and smoked it. What was he thinking? I’d better smoke now. They probably won’t let me light up in the hospital.

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