The dentist who went too far

The women went to their dentist to have their teeth cleaned, but instead got a breast exam. Well, sort of.Dentist

WOODLAND, Calif. — A Woodland dentist appeared
before an administrative law judge Thursday in an effort to lift the
interim suspension order on his dental license.

The judge could issue a decision on the license suspension Friday or Monday, KCRA 3 reported.Twenty-six women have come forward to say Dr. Mark Anderson touched them inappropriately during office visits.

attorney argued that Anderson should continue practicing dentistry to
support his family, which includes four small children, and to be able
to financially mount his own defense. …

Phillips, the attorney general’s lawyer representing the dental board,
argued that Anderson’s behavior has escalated, and he has used his
authority to gain access to female patients in order to fondle their
breasts. [Link]

I wonder what excuse he’s giving the judge:

1. I didn’t mean to touch them. They just got in the way.

2. I was just getting my hands warmed up to use the drill.

3. I thought she asked me to look at her teat.

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