The mystery of the missing cats

One of my friends recently complained to me about her neighbor’s cat. It jumps over the fence andCat
uses her 4-year-old son’s sandbox as a toilet. My friend spoke to her neighbor and he appears to be a very understanding man. He has invited my friend’s son to play in the cat’s litter box.  Actually, he has offered to replace the sand and try to control his cat — if it’s actually possible to control a cat. People tend to keep dogs on leashes or behind fences, but cats, they go wherever they please, and I do mean ‘go.’

A British homeowner grew so tired of his neighbors’ cats ‘going’ in his yard that he apparently catnapped six of them and let them loose 25 miles away, much to the distress of their owners.

Each family received an anonymous letter from the ‘person responsible for the disappearance of your cats’.

The printed note, littered with grammatical errors, explained
that the cats had been caught and driven at least 25 miles away and let

This malicious act was a form of revenge for the animals apparently
vandalising the catnapper’s garden – on the very same street.

The pets had pounced on birds, leaving feathers scattered all
over the lawn, and destroyed plants and shrubs by using flowerbeds to
relieve themselves. [Link]

It’s a good thing it was the neighbors’ cats doing the damage and not their children. This person seems pretty mean, but at least he — or is it ‘she’? — didn’t ship the cats to China.

The letter goes on: ‘Your cats were caught and removed to an area a minimum of 25 miles away by a lorry driver friend of mine.

‘If you were lucky enough to get your cat back … the second time they get caught in my garden, THEY WILL BE DESTROYED.’ [Link]

Not killed, but DESTROYED. They’d better take him seriously. He has a "lorry driver friend."

Marian Parkin, who lost her cat Puss Puss, added: ‘It is very sad and very distressing. Whoever is doing this is very cruel.’

The other two missing cats are called Spot and Blackie.

Another elderly resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, fears that
her cat has already perished because it needs to be given tablets for a
kidney condition.

She said: ‘It’s disgraceful. I’m absolutely appalled. It’s cruel and sick. This letter is very threatening and frightening.’

Inspector Andrew Timms, of Hampshire police, said: ‘If the
letter writer has taken these cats, then he or she is guilty of theft.
Anyone who helped has aided and abetted an offender in committing the
crime.’ [Link]

Guilty of theft? Seems to me that the person should be charged with several crimes: catnapping, cat endangerment, relocation of cats without consent, and terroristic threats against cats.

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