Hurrah for Jindal — I mean, Boo!

Bobby Jindal has just been elected governor of Louisiana, trouncing the opposition like Marion Jones onJindal
steroids. When he takes office in January, he will become the first Indian-American to lead a state. So Indian-Americans should be excited, right? Well, the vast majority of them are liberals, whereas Jindal is as conservative as they come. That’s why, all over the country, Indian-Americans were unsure how to react to Jindal’s victory. Let’s look at what happened in one household.

Manoj (jumping in living room): "Manju! Manju! Where’s the champagne? Jindal has won! Oh my God! I don’t believe it. A desi governor! I never thought I’d see the day. Look at him! He has brown skin like mine. And he’s skinny like me. Oh happy day!"

Manju (replying from kitchen): "Jindal won? Oh well. Good night! I’m going to bed."

Manoj: "Going to bed? What about the champagne? Aren’t we going to celebrate?"

Manju: "I didn’t buy the champagne. You told me not to, remember? You said Jindal is a Republican, that he’s George Bush with a tan. You called him U2, because he’s always selling out."

Manoj: "But he’s Indian-American! Look at him! He has done something great, opened the doors for all of us. Our son might run for governor, thanks to him."

Manju: "Our son might run from governor, thanks to him. He voted in favor of making the Patriot Act permanent."

Manoj: "But he’s Indian-American! Look at him!"

Manju: "He voted to cut $70 billion in taxes for the wealthiest Americans."

Manoj: "But he’s Indian-American! Look at him!"

Manju: "He voted for Jordin Sparks, not Sanjaya."

Manoj: "Bastard! Turn the TV off. Let’s go to bed."

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  1. OK, for suggesting he’s a “sell-out,” I hate you!

  2. Posterity says:

    Your knowledge of political facts is just as deep as a 3 year old’s wading pool. In other words – very shallow. Don’t just jump on the reactionary anti-Republican bandwagon because it’ll make you look more cool among your big city friends.

  3. before elite browns rejoice another elite’s rise:

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