Forgery 101: Don’t use Sellotape!

If you’re going to make counterfeit money — and I’m not suggesting that you do — try to make it look likeMoney
real money. Don’t do what a New Zealand woman did.

A Palmerston North woman out shoe shopping has been caught flat-footed after
allegedly trying to pass off a crudely forged $100 bill as genuine currency.

Staff at Number 1 Shoe Warehouse phoned police on Friday  when they realised the note handed  to them was fake. [Link]

It was such a bad forgery that a blind man holding a cup on the street corner refused to accept it.

Another three $100 prints – each  with one blank side – and a fake $50  bill were later allegedly found in the  woman’s purse.

The woman, 30, was to appear in  court today charged with using a  forged document.

Affleck said the notes – made of paper using a colour photocopier,
adhesive and Sellotape – were an "extremely poor attempt" at

"Basically they’ve just stuck two pieces of paper
together and got some Sellotape to make the transparent panels," he
said. "It’s a pretty crude method and you can tell it’s fake as soon as
you touch it." [Link]

Sellotape? Even I know better than to use Sellotape. If you want to do it right, you have to use Scotch Tape!

I wonder how the interrogation went.

Cop: "Where did you learn to make forged money like this?"

Woman: "FU."

Cop: "Hey, you’d better watch it! You’re in big enough trouble already."

Woman: "FU — that’s where I learned it. Forgery University."

Cop: "Oh, I see. Did you graduate?"

Woman: "No, they kicked me out in my second year. Didn’t like the money I used to pay the tuition."

Photo by Taniwhaiti

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