Signs for a safer India


Yes, please drive around them.

Photo by Shira Golding


The British learned from insects too. That’s how they ended up with so many colonies.

Photo by Matt Logelin


"This would be a hell of a sign in Australia, mate."

Photo by madhatrk


"Slow down, you pinhead. There’s a pinbend ahead!"

Photo by Matt Logelin 

"It was my last negligence, your honor. I will never be negligent again."

Photo by Matt Logelin 


Drinking and driving makes you a looser.

Photo by Matt Logelin 

Sign8"What a lucky guy. Death passed him by."

Photo by Matt Logelin 


As they say in China, "Don’t you ever cross a communist!"

Photo by Matt Logelin 


That’s what I told my wife when she jammed her finger against the door.

Photo by Matt Logelin 


"They may not be good for health, but they’re good for wealth."

Photo by Matt Logelin 

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