Why Sarkozy likes America

Appearing on the CBS news show "60 Minutes," Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France, spoke of hisSarkozy
admiration of America.

Sarkozy said he admired Americans’ work ethic and the opportunities for
advancement in the country, irrespective of class or background.

He said while his Hungarian father had worried that his surname would be an
obstacle in France, "he was proven wrong."

"That’s what he thought. That a name like Sarkozy was a handicap," the
president said. "That’s the reason why I like the United States. You can have a
name like Schwarzenegger and be governor of California. You can be called Madeleine
and be secretary of state. You can be called Colin Powell or
Condi Rice, and
succeed." [Link]

I think he’s overstating it. Schwarzenegger was a movie star and household name. Albright, Powell and Rice were appointed. Sure, Louisiana just elected Bobby Jindal as its governor, but his first name is as American as liposuction and his last name is pretty short and non-threatening. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think America is ready for President Lakshmanathan Balasubramaniam. Or President Lupando Kwamanakweenda. Or President Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al Sadr.

But first, we’ll have to see if America is ready for First Lady Bill Clinton. I mean, First Gent Bill Clinton.

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  1. Bill Clinton on Oprah said his scottish friends want to call him ‘first laddie’!

  2. First laddie! Ha!
    It would be interesting to see what he’s called. I hope it won’t be just “Former President Bill Clinton.”

  3. It is a great country where even a boy named Shu can contribute to a Presidential campaign while avoiding in plain sight a felony rap, where an illegal immigrant making $4/hr can contribute $2500 to a Presidential campaign and never know it, where a Comic Book magnate can contribute to a campaign and get conned out of his company, where a VP can get contributions from Buddhist monks. To be continued.

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