Bush sets a record

Congratulations to President Bush. He has just set a record.Bush_2

One-half of all Americans now say they strongly disapprove of President
Bush’s job performance, an historic low in the Gallup Poll.

latest survey finds Bush lower than any previous president in the
"strongly disapprove" category, dating back to the administration of
Lyndon Johnson.

Gallup also says only three in ten Americans approve of the way Bush is doing his job. [Link]

Richard Nixon is rolling in his grave. He used to be the leader in the "strongly disapprove" category, scoring 48% just before he was impeached resigned. Well, at least he held the title for 33 years. And at least the title went to a fellow Republican, one who will carry it proudly.

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  1. I love your work. I can so relate to everything you write. You are one funny guy… Keep up the good work. Much love. B.

  2. Polls. How entertaining.
    I remember when Bush trailed Kerry by double digits almost up to election day.
    How’d that turn out?

  3. Sad but true, President Bush’s approval numbers are low … not near as low as both houses of Congress, but low… But if you get your news from the mainstream media, you will only get half the news…
    By the way, while the mainstream media likes us to think he was, President Nixon was never impeached, that dubious honor rests only with President Clinton… and odds are, had the Republicans during the Nixon years been as honorable as the Democrats were during Clinton, he could have remained in office also.

  4. My brother fell in love with your column some months ago and the family has been following your every word every since. Keep it up. Your jokes are so explanatory, that we can use it to relate to our Dad who’s in the US, even though we are in Nigeria. God bless you.
    By the way, I am really curious about the curry – is there any simple recipe you could suggest for me? I would love to try it.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Bunmi, thank you.
    Bill, I hope history vindicates Bush. Otherwise a lot of people would have died in vain.
    Hamfast, you’re right: Nixon wasn’t impeached. He resigned before he could be impeached. I’ve corrected the post. Thanks.
    Adedayo, thank you for your readership. As for curry, there is a simple recipe here: http://www.recipezaar.com/37072
    You can use vegetable oil, skip the ginger and garlic (if you need to, though it would taste better with them), use fresh tomatoes and use whatever chicken pieces you have. Just cook until the chicken is done. Forty minutes would be sufficient, depending on the temperature of course. Have I confused you enough?

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