I’m not racist — I have black friends

What’s the best way to defend yourself against a charge of racism? Tell everyone you have friends of another race. Take the case of the California boy accused of wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit for Halloween.

Superintendent Don Phillips said he’s been told
that the boy has friends who are black, and they have said the teen is
not racist. [Link]

He can’t be racist, can he? But what about the the Nebraska student, a white boy from South Africa, who in 2004 put up posters in his school promoting himself for the "Distinguished African American Student Award"? His mother knows the answer.

"My son is not a racist," she told the Omaha World-Herald. "He has
black friends, friends from Bangladesh and Egypt.
Color has never been
an issue in our home." [Link]

He can’t be racist, can he? But what about the Florida student who in 2005 wore an undershirt that depicted Klansmen dragging two black men in nooses behind a car?

The 18-year-old said he has friends who are black,
and he said he does not think they would be mad at him because they
know he would not do what was depicted on the shirt. [Link]

He can’t be racist, can he? But just to be sure, let’s ask him.

"I’m not racist or anything," he said. "It’s just,
some people I hate, some people I don’t get along with. And black
people just happen to be the ones because they think they’re better
than everyone else."

No, definitely not racist.

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  1. I for one know for sure the tribes of bastards still exist…and in some country its growing too…the tribe is called … the Racist (expletive deleted).

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