A motto for modern Britain

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently launched a drive to find a new national motto, solicitingTrafalgar
suggestions from the public.

Ministers want the motto to reflect the national identity and be as
commonplace as America’s "In God We Trust" or the French "Liberty,
Equality, Fraternity". …

Members of the public will be asked to come up with five or
six-word slogans, perhaps based around ideas of fair play or national
pride. [Link]

Readers of Daniel Finkelstein’s Comment Central blog on The Times‘ website have made hundreds of suggestions. Here are some of them:

"Chicken tikka masala, chips and rice."

"No, please, after you, honestly."

"Our glass is half empty."

"Mind your own bloody business!"

"Britain: Live wrong and prosper!"

"Well, we screwed this up."

"Big Brother Is watching you."

"Sorry, is this the queue?"

"At least we’re not American."

"Drinking continues till morale improves."

"Did you spill my pint?"

"Americans who missed the boat."

"In America We Trust."

"Sorry, that was my fault!"

"Get Us Out Of Here."

"At least we’re not French."

"One nation under the thumb."

"Once mighty empire, slightly used."

"Dentistry is not our forte."

"Silly twits who worship Queens."

"Less stuffy than we sound."

"England is full, try Scotland."

"Emigrate now while you can."

"The not so United Kingdom."

"Home of the anally retentive."

"Someday this too shall pass."

"British but proud anyway."

"Dead heroes and live morons."

"Try writing history without us!"

"You can’t park ‘ere, mate."

"A great airport, though, innit?"

"Britain: The other white meat."

"The Empire Strikes Out."

"Everybody got to be somewhere!"

"Britain: First at being second." [Link]

Photo by Skept

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