You can’t say that, Santa

Santas have been saying "ho, ho, ho" for ages, but some in Australia are being told that it’s just notHohoho
right anymore.

Santas across Sydney are rebelling against attempts to ban their
traditional greeting of "ho, ho, ho" in favour of "ha, ha, ha".

Recruitment firm Westaff – which supplies hundreds of Santas across
the country – has told its trainees that the "ho ho ho" phrase could
frighten children and could even be derogatory to women.

Two Santa hopefuls reportedly quit the course because of the hullabaloo of the ho, ho, ho.

One would-be Santa has told The Daily Telegraph he was taught not to use "ho, ho, ho" because it was too close to the American slang for prostitute. He also quit. [Link]

Girl: "Daddy, Santa called me a ho."

Dad: "He did?"

Girl: "Yes, Daddy. Three times!"

Dad: "Three times? Let me have a word with him. Hey Santa!"

Santa: "Ho, ho, ho!"

Dad: "You calling me a ho?"

Santa: "Ha, ha, ha!"

Dad: "You think it’s funny?"

Santa: "No, no, no!"

Dad: "Then why did you say that? You shouldn’t be calling anyone a ho." (Pulls Santa’s beard)

Santa: "Ow, ow, ow!"

Photo by ophotn

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  1. Give me a break! What’s next are they going to ban Green Giant brand vegetables (sold here in the USA)? Remember the Green Giant also says Ho Ho HO!
    Come to think about it there is a restaurant chain here in the US called “Cracker Barrel”. Cracker is a term that some African Americans use as derogatory towards whites….Lets make them change their name! I think not….. This is just another case of mass stupidity. Stop picking on Santa because you’ll liable to end up with coal in your stocking!

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