Lose your bride, not your pride

I’ve got a bald spot that seems to expand with each passing day, but thankfully, it wasn’t too prominentHairpiece
when I got married. Prabir Das, of Assam, India, isn’t so lucky.

A man was beaten by his fiance and in-laws and relieved of his
belongings in India after they found out he was bald and wearing a wig,
it was alleged yesterday.

Prabir Das, of Dispur in Assam, told police that his fiancé yanked off
his hairpiece after dinner last week and began beating and abusing him
for hiding his pate.

Her parents then joined in, ripping his expensive wig
apart and relieving the 33-year-old of his wallet, mobile phone,
motorbike and driving licence as “penalty” for his deception, he
alleged. [Link]

Were these in-laws or outlaws? Ripping his wig is one thing, ripping him off is quite another.

Is wearing a hairpiece really deception? What about having breast implants or false teeth? Perhaps it depends on how permanent they are. Das got himself an expensive wig, but forgot to buy some Super Glue.

Mr Das, who works at a private hospital, had
advertised for a bride in the matrimonial columns of a local newspaper
– a common practice in India – and Dilip Roy, seeking a match for his
daughter Shreshta, responded.

The wedding was fixed for Dec 12, and the bride’s family began putting together Shreshta’s trousseau and dowry at great expense.

But to Mr Das’s eventual humiliation an acquaintance spilled the beans to the stunned Mr Roy.

The superintendent Rajen Singh said Mr Roy had
been questioned and denied the fracas.

Police: "Mr. Roy, did you have fracas with Mr. Das?"

Roy: "Fracas? No fracas. We had chapati and dal."

The wedding, police said,
appears to be off.

I’d say it’s off. And that’s a good thing too. Better to be abused by the woman you almost married than the one you did.

Photo by Alexanderthegreatest

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