The Edmonton man who’s really into cars

Some men are really obsessed with cars. They buy fancy cars and spend hoursBmw
washing and waxing them. They enjoy driving their cars — and enjoy just looking at them too. They get a lot of pleasure out of their cars, almost as much pleasure as they get out of their wives. Some of them don’t have wives, of course. They’ve got only one woman in their lives and her name is Mercedes. Or is it Lexus?

Being in love with cars isn’t a bad thing, unless you get carried away, like a man in Edmonton named Sandy Wong. He’s crazy about ’em. You won’t believe how crazy.

… Wong was observed checking out three BMW vehicles
on display at the BMW display at the Home and Garden Show on March 22.
Then, he was seen sitting on the roof of a 2007 BMW 328i sedan, valued
at $50,000.

Shortly after that, Wong had dropped his sweat pants to his
ankles and was spotted masturbating while sitting with his legs
dangling over the driver’s door window.

Security eventually detained Wong until police showed up and a clean-up crew had to wash down the BMW.

According to psychiatrist Dr. Curtis Woods, Wong says he is
“sexually attracted” to the BMW’s roof top because “it’s curved like a
woman’s body, the sex appeal, it felt good.”

Woods said Wong reported he also gets aroused by certain cars,
including a 1967 Camaro and a 1955 Chevy Bel Air, and blames the owners
for buying the cars because it tempts him to “pleasure” himself. [Link]

Wong obviously has some psychiatric problems, exposing himself in public like that. But you have to wonder how many men share his car fetish, how many of them get turned on by cars. You don’t think they buy Car and Driver magazine just to read the articles, do you?

Photo by harlemdakota

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  1. Melvin! Been an avid fan of yours for quite sometime now!! Wherever do you get all the weirdest of
    news??And do have a glimpse on my blog too.Am a starter.Would totally appreciate your comments!!

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