Britney edges out Uganda in media attention

Celebrities seem to dominate the news in North America and elsewhere. Most American teens wouldn’t beBritney
able to name the capital of Uganda, but would have no trouble naming the brand of underwear Britney Spears wears. Or doesn’t wear. Blogger Ethan Zuckerman has used Google News to make an interesting comparison:

If Britney were a nation, she’d be the 60th most reported nation in
the world, between Jamaica and Uganda. Lindsay Lohan is receiving far
less media attention right now, ranking just below #130, Mozambique.
Paris Hilton is marginally less interesting than #90, Ethiopia, though
Tom Cruise is just a hair more newsworthy, challenging Yemen for #89.

To break into the top ranks, it helps to run for US President, like
Hillary Clinton, who ranks between #24 Singapore and #25 Vietnam. (Not
to fear – she beats out Brazil and Saudi Arabia.) Barack Obama is a bit
behind, ranking between #30 Switzerland and #31 Netherlands… but far
more interesting than #57 Kenya. [Link]

I’m stunned. I didn’t realize there were 59 countries getting more media attention than Britney. Her career is really in the pits. Jamaica is beating her and they don’t even have a video out. And what about Paris Hilton? She’s losing to Ethiopia, though it’s been more than three years since Angelina Jolie adopted a baby from there. Even Tom Cruise is on top of Paris, but he’s hardly the first man to be able to say that.

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