Sign makers need speling lesons

I love the spell-checker on my computer. If it wasn’t for that, I’d be making lots of spelling mistakes. I’mSpell1
particularly inept when it comes to double letters: Is it aggressive or agressive or aggresive or agresive? They all look pretty good to me.

It’s a pity there isn’t a spell-checker for signs. Some people could really use it. Actually, perhaps it’s not such a pity. It does allow us to laugh occasionally. Or is it ocasionaly?

Someone forgot to use spell-check on the state’s newest historical marker in Santa Fe.

The state just put up the marker honoring the four sisters of Loretto.

The marker is supposed to honor the push for education made by the nuns.

But the marker misspells Loretto.

To top it off, the second “n” is missing from the word known.

The Department of Transportation said a private company that made the marker is to blame. [Link]

Perhaps the department should not have accepted a bid from "Econocomical Sign Manufacters."


These errors are an ermerging problem.


We serve them with mushbrooms.


Members of al-Qaida have no visability whatsoever.


Otherwise you might get a tciket.


And it can also spell better than us.

Photo credits: ‘Alchohol’ sign by boogah; ‘ermergency’ sign by thewinchester; ‘sandwitches’ sign by Jenny Wooyay; ‘visability’ sign by Ryner12; ‘yield’ sign by  Lingual X ; ‘breathe’ sign by Glenn Loos-Austin

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