Don’t chicken out of this resolution

I wouldn’t mind having a couple of chickens in my backyard, but in most urban areas in America and Canada,Chicken
you’re not allowed to have chickens at home, with a few exceptions. Stephen Kunselman, a councilman in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is trying to change that, so people in his college town can have fresh eggs, not those kind that have been sitting around for so long, they’re starting to use eggspletives.

Many communities allow chickens but not roosters, which can make a lot
of noise at dawn, Kunselman said. He said regulations typically require
a 25-foot setback from other homes to avoid disturbing neighbors. [Link]

Yeah, it’s important not to disturb neighbors. That’s why many people prefer to keep those really quiet creatures: dogs.

I wish my neighbors had roosters. That would save me the trouble of dragging a few children out of bed.

 The chicken talk enlivened Saturday’s council retreat in the hometown of the University of Michigan.

"What’s with the chickens?" Councilman Stephen Rapundalo asked Kunselman.

"Chickens lay eggs," Kunselman said. "I want fresh eggs. It’s just a simple ordinance change."

"I want to have fresh milk," Rapundalo said. "Let’s change the ordinance to allow cows or goats." [Link]

I wouldn’t mind having a couple of cows or goats in my  yard. That would save me the trouble of mowing the lawn. And I could send my children out to milk them at 5 a.m. or earlier — whenever the rooster awakens them.

Photo by Ward

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