‘Tis the season for charity and goodwill

Christmas is around the corner, so please go through your pantry and fill a bag with any food you don’tHomeless
need. Then take it to the collection site at the grocery store, church or school. Yes, it’s time to feed the homeless again.

I know what you’re thinking: "Didn’t we feed them just a month ago? Don’t tell me they’re hungry again!"

I’m afraid they are. They’ve used up all the calories from the Thanksgiving meal, so we’ve promised to give them another feast on Christmas Day. We’re going to make them eat tons of food, so they won’t get hungry for another year or two.

– Kathi Collison owns a business on the south side of the city’s
biggest intersection and goes to church less than a quarter mile east
of that same corner.

A few blocks up the road, toward downtown, there is a group of homeless
people who push carts, sleep in sleeping bags and canvass the area for
food. Collison never realized that until recently.

She and several of her clients are pitching in to give them a hot meal on Christmas Eve.

It’s important to feed the homeless during Christmas. We can’t let them starve to death. How can we celebrate Christmas when there are a bunch of bodies lying around? If homeless people are going to die, let them die in January or February. (Well, any day except Valentine’s Day.) We won’t feel guilty then. After all, we fed them twice a year.

Photo by Jef Poskanzer

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