Clinton or Obama, it’s going to be a first

I love it. I love seeing both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama doing so well. I’d love to see one of them winObamaclinton
it all and make history, giving America either its first black president or first female president. (It would have been nice to get both firsts at once, but Oprah doesn’t want to take a pay cut.)

It would really be strange seeing Bill Clinton return to the White House as First Lad (a term others have suggested). When Hillary is in those high-powered meetings with other heads of state, what’s Bill going to be doing — chatting up the interns? Perhaps he’ll be in the laundry room, ironing her shirts.

America would have another President Clinton, but the 2009 version might just be better, especially since she’s already had some experience in the Oval Office, even if it’s just looking through the keyhole.

If Obama wins, I’m eager to see whom he appoints to his Cabinet. Will the majority of his Cabinet be minority? Will he appoint a few token non-minorities? Actually, I’m sure the non-minorities would be in the majority. Which would be fine, of course. The important thing is to appoint qualified people, as well as a few of your college buddies.

Perhaps we’ll see a Clinton-Obama ticket, which would give us three firsts. We would not only have the first female president and first black vice president, it would also be the first time someone has replaced his cousin as veep.

There is a chance, of course, that neither Clinton nor Obama will win the presidency. Perhaps it’ll be John Edwards or John McCain or Mike Huckabee. Perhaps America will elect a white man as president.

Well, if we can’t have a first, at least we’ll have a 44th.

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