Free drinks and popcorn for only $400,000

A pair of Indiana schools are raising money to put artificial turf on their football fields and have they gotPopcorn
a deal for you! Just give them 400 grand and you could see your name in big letters and bright lights.

Under the "Valedictorian Sponsorship Package"
that grants naming rights for both high school stadiums, an individual
or corporate donor must commit to a total gift of $400,000 spread over
10 years.

In return, the sponsor would also
receive promotional signage at all stadium entrances, signage atop
scoreboards, a mention on the schools’ Recognition Pillar of
contributors and VIP parking.

The schools
would also provide four season passes to all school events and four
concession passes entitling holders to free drinks and popcorn. [Link]

You hear that? Free drinks and popcorn!!! Until they mentioned free drinks and popcorn, I wasn’t sold on the deal. I didn’t think it was worth 400 grand. But getting free drinks and popcorn clinches it for me.

Now all I need to do is find 400 grand …

$250,000 Salutatorian level of commitment authorizes naming rights for
a single stadium, while subsiding levels of support warrant a
combination of signage and privileges. [Link]

What about free drinks and popcorn? Perhaps they’re just going to give you free drinks, but no free popcorn. To get the free popcorn, you’re going to have to fork over the extra 150 grand.

Contributions of $100 earn donors an engraved brick reflecting their support in a designated recognition area. [Link]

An engraved brick? I don’t want an engraved brick. If I give 100 bucks, I want free drinks and popcorn!

Photo by churl

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