Week in Review: Prince Harry, Whoopi and Cotillard

After the Drudge Report website broke the news that Prince Harry was fighting in Afghanistan, theHarry
British military abruptly withdrew him from the combat zone, fearing that he might be targeted. The 23-year-old called the move a "shame," saying it was the first time in his life he had experienced "early withdrawal." The prince is third in line to the British throne, but after returning home, he was first in line to the bathroom.

Whoopi Goldberg was hurt that the Academy Awards left her out of a montage that featured previous Oscar hosts. "Undoubtedly I pissed somebody off yet again," she said on The View. Her co-hosts seemed rather upset, particularly Barbara Walters, who had never heard anyone use the word "pissed" on TV before.

While using a toilet on a train in India, a woman gave birth to a baby girl , then apparently lost consciousness, allowing the baby to fall through the hole in the toilet onto the tracks below. The baby miraculously survived the fall and was rescued. The mother has not yet named the baby, but it’s believed that she’s strongly considering the name Latrina.

French actress Marion Cotillard, who just won the best actress Oscar, may soon get another award: best conspiracy theorist. In an interview she apparently gave a year ago, she cast doubts on both 9/11 and the 1969 moon landing. Of the latter, she asked, "Did a man really walk on the moon? I saw plenty of  documentaries on it and I really wondered." Meanwhile, Neil Armstrong has a question of his own: "Did she really win an Oscar? I saw plenty of news stories on it and I really wondered."

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigned furiously in Texas and Ohio, while presumptive Republican Party nominee John McCain, in an effort to get more minority votes, spent the week at Miami Beach, trying to get a tan. Obama, hoping to quash Internet rumors that he’s a Muslim, said during a town hall meeting in Ohio: "I pray to Jesus every night." Then he paused and added: "Let me just clarify: I’m talking about the Jesus of Christianity, not the Prophet Jesus of Islam.

Robert and Tonya Harris, a middle-aged Georgia couple who lived in a trailer, won $275 million in the Mega Millions jackpot. A few days after winning the money, Tonya was spotted in the grocery store, buying drinks and laundry detergent.
"We’re not gonna change," she said. "We’re gonna be the same people, just washing our clothes more often."

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