Republicans beat me to “hot” domain names

When it comes to registering domain names, I’m such an amateur. I can’t seem to register a singleDomainnames name that might one day bring me a fortune.  I mean, is nice, but it’s probably never going to be worth much, unless Kraft Foods starts producing packets of instant nshima. And even then, I’ll probably lose out to the person who registers

There are so many good domain names I could have registered, but I’m just not fast enough. For example, I missed out on a chance to register, and So what if I don’t think Hillary is hopeless, Obama is an amateur and McCain should be hated? I could have still made a fortune selling the domain names to the Republican National Committee. But they’ve already got them — and a whole lot more, according to Kitty Bennett of the New York Times. At least 25 domain names
related to Hillary Rodham Clinton have links to the Republican National
Committee: the names were either registered by the R.N.C. last year or
showed up on servers the committee uses. Half a dozen seemed to guess
at Mrs. Clinton’s eventual running mate, like,
referring to Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland.

The day after Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses, the R.N.C. snapped
up at least 20 domains related to his candidacy. Some of them may
signal the party’s future strategy: and The party has also begun preemptively registering
domains that could be used to attack John McCain, like,, and ( was taken.)

The Democratic Party and the campaigns have shown little of the verve
and creativity of the R.N.C. The Obama campaign registered in December. The Clinton campaign
registered two days later, an apparent reference to
Mr. Obama’s votes as a member of the Illinois legislature. The party
has been focused more on the national convention, registering
variations of in February, but so far
apparently no domains related to Mr. McCain. [Link]

When it comes to domain names, the Republicans are giving the Democrats a butt-kicking. Perhaps I should register that domain name:

Come on, Democrats, it’s time to get nasty. Here are a few domain names you can register:, and

Of course, if I’m suggesting a domain name, it’s either worthless or already taken.

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