Wear black pajamas, watch the funeral online

You can watch just about anything online these days, especially if you’re willing to pay for it. You canFuneral
even pay your last respects to a loved one.

Mourners unable to attend their loved ones’ funerals now have a chance to see the event live on the internet.

The pioneering scheme has been launched because family members are often spread across the globe.

A website allows relatives and friends the opportunity to pay their last respects without travelling to the ceremony.

Services are already being streamed on to the web from the first eight
participating crematoriums in the UK, with remote mourners paying £75.

Users are given a password that allows them to see the service
live online with just a 20-second delay – or up to seven days after the

The funerals are filmed by a discreet camera at the back of the
chapel. [Link]

For an extra fee, you can probably get the funeral director to do some commentary. "Great eulogy! Lots of emotion! It’s obvious that she really cared for her father. Don’t touch that keyboard. The widow is coming up next."

The company behind the scheme – Wesley Music, based in
Kettering, Northamptonshire – is also offering DVDs of the funerals for
£50, or a sound recording for £25. [Link]

I can already hear the commentary at my funeral: "Nobody wanted to make a DVD of him when he was alive, but now that he’s dead, we expect to sell hundreds of them."

Director Alan Jeffrey says online funerals are an extra option for mourners rather than a money-spinning
venture and similar schemes are already on offer in Australia and Brazil.

He added: "Families are split geographically more than ever and
far-flung members are feeling excluded from such an important
gathering. The idea originated out of helping an elderly relative in
Australia who could not make it back here for a family funeral. [Link]

People who live too far away will certainly benefit, but so will people who are too busy or too lazy.

Dave: "Sorry to hear about your uncle, Bob. He was such a nice man. Did you go to the funeral?"

Bob: "No, Liverpool was playing. But I did order the DVD."

Dave: "Super! Let me know when you watch it. I’d like to come and pay my respects."

Photo by Simon East

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  1. Sometime ago, I read about making diamonds from loved one’s ashes. Kind of “diamonds are forever” thing.

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