The second fattest country in the world

If America is the fattest country in the world, you’ll never guess which is the second fattest. No, it’s notMexico
India, though it’s got a middle class that’s bulging in more ways than one. The second fattest country is a lot like India, a developing country full of brown people who love spicy food.

Fueled by the rising popularity of soft drinks and fast-food restaurants, Mexico
has become the second fattest nation in the world. Mexican health
officials say it could surpass the U.S. as the most obese country
within 10 years if trends continue.

More than 71 percent of Mexican women and 66 percent of Mexican men are overweight, according to the latest national surveys. [Link]

I’m not sure how they define "overweight" or whether they considered the rate of obesity in determining the "second fattest nation." But these findings should, at a minimum, put to rest the myth that most Mexicans spend a lot of time running across the border. Many, like Francisco Princegali, can barely run to the refrigerator.

Francisco Princegali knew he was eating too much junk food when he bent down last week and heard a tear.

"I ripped my pants because of the fat," said Princegali, who’s 20,
crumbling up a wrapper of sweetened bread he’d purchased from a vendor.
"I think I’m addicted to junk food."

Princegali, sucking in his stomach, said that many of his pants were
too tight these days. Some people are addicted to alcohol and smoking,
he said: "My problem is I love fried chicken— Kentucky Fried Chicken ." [Link]

You ripped your pants while bending over, Francisco? You obviously haven’t been fat for long. Otherwise you’d know better than to bend over. If you drop something, you shouldn’t bother picking it up, not unless it’s a piece of fried chicken or something.

Photo by malias

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