Go Royal Challengers! Beat the Kings!

Some years ago, I went to a National Football League game in Miami with a group of friends. My belovedCheerleaders
Seahawks were playing the Dolphins. One friend had a pair of binoculars, so while the rest of us had trouble seeing everything from our end-zone seats, he was able to get a close-up view of every move — up and down, side to side — of the cheerleaders. It doesn’t surprise me, then, that at least one team in the new Indian Premier League is creating a cheerleading squad.

"The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, deemed the ‘First Ladies of
Football,’ will be traveling to India on April 10th to create the first
ever cheerleading squad in that country for cricket’s Royal Challengers
Bangalore, part of the new Indian Premier League (IPL), in their
inaugural game on April 18th."

Twelve cheerleaders, 18 days, four cricket games, a second wave of
training and the following claim: "By the time this project is
complete, the Redskins Cheerleading department will have spent over 10
weeks creating a new cheerleading world in India." [Link]

I have three questions about this:

1. Will they be able to create a good cheerleading squad in such a short time? Probably not, even if they hire a bunch of dancers from Shahrukh Khan movies. Cheerleading is an art form. You have to know how to shake stuff — and I’m not talking about the pompoms.

2. What kind of outfits will the Royal Challengers Cheerleaders wear? I have a feeling they’ll be a tad more conservative than the "First Ladies of Football," who, as you can see from the picture, often show a part of the human anatomy you don’t always see in America: ribs.

3. How many men will actually watch the cricket? India is a cricket-crazy country, so many men will undoubtedly keep track of all the batting and bowling, whenever the cheerleaders are taking a break.

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