Still available: and a few other domain names

A Maryland man recently sold the domain name for $2.6 million. He had bought the name inDomainnames
1994. Those were the days when almost every one-word domain name was available, if only some of us were not busy drooling over our stock in Yugo. These days, if you want a one-word domain name that won’t cost a fortune, you’ll have to either pick a name in another language, such as, or choose a different suffix, such as .us and .ca. But even those names are going fast., Canada’s first .CA registrar, is pleased to be the registrar of choice for the one millionth .CA domain name registration. Brent Krause from Calgary, Alberta, registered the landmark .CA domain name,, to promote his private law practice. [Link]

One million .ca domain names! That means you can forget about registering, and Sorry Bill Clinton, is also taken.

Even the two-word and three-word domain names are being scooped up faster than discounted mangoes at Patel Brothers. Google itself has registered thousands of domain names, including the following:,,, and It’s not surprising that the company is trying to keep people from demeaning Google with their domain names. What’s surprising is that they haven’t yet registered, and

What’s also surprising — and a little scary — is that they’ve registered and It’s not enough that they’re taking over the world — they want us to worship them too. Somewhere in the world, in the not-so-distant future, a family will kneel in front of their computer, praying to Lord Google, the God of All Search Engines.

In case you’re wondering, is already taken.

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  1. I just checked out Domains with google in the name. There are so many domains registered with google in the name.

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