Snow, not-so-beautiful snow!


No, I didn’t take this photo a couple of months ago in the midst of winter.  I took it this morning, from the front of our home in Winnipeg. Yes, it’s April 24 and we’re supposed to be a month into spring. But someone forgot to tell Mother Nature, who decided to give us a few centimeters of snow overnight, along with freezing rain. This might be a good time to revisit a column I wrote several
years ago.


If you live in a part of the world that’s warm all year,

that never gets snow and ice, that allows you to wear shorts

and sandals whenever you please, there’s something I’d like

to say to you: I hate you.


Well, perhaps ‘hate’ is too strong a word. How about

‘despise’? Yes, that’s more like it. That captures exactly

how I feel about you at this moment, in the dead of winter,

when there’s tons of snow outside my home and I can’t even

visit the mailbox without having to spend the next three

hours defrosting my brain. But I really shouldn’t complain:

It used to take much longer — before I owned a microwave.


From November to March April every year, I can’t help envying

people who are blessed with tropical weather, people who are

like my neighbor’s cat — always in heat. Unlike me, these

lucky people never have to scrape snow and ice off their

windshields, off their driveways, off their mustaches.


Every winter, I can’t help asking a question that

environmentalists, for some strange reason, don’t like to

hear: Is there any way to speed up global warming? [Read the Rest]


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