Naveed Mahbub, stand-up comedian from Bangladesh

Naveed has some funny material. I especially liked this short bit. He’s a relative newcomer to stand-up comedy, but with lots of potential.

A native of Bangladesh, Mahbub got his start
telling jokes in Bengali to family and friends. He decided to try his
hand at comedy in English after coming to the United States to attend
the University of Michigan.

“I found out I was able to translate a lot of
humor into English … among my college friends or my co-workers,”
Mahbub said. “I found I actually had some advantage because I’m new to
this culture and I was seeing America from a different angle.”

Mahbub took a comedy course with Sandy Shore (sister of comedian Pauly Shore) at the Comedy Club in La Jolla.

“At the end of the eight weeks, I had to do a
showcase in front of a live audience, which I did, and I sucked, but
… I’ve been going to open-mikes and trying to improve myself.”

The practice has paid off. Mahbub nabbed the
Best Male Comic title at the Play Vegas Stage at this year’s Las Vegas
Comedy Festival.

Through the use of observational self-derisive
humor, Mahbub hopes to expose people to a different side of issues they
might not otherwise consider, such as outsourcing, arranged marriages
and his Muslim faith. [Link]

Naveed shatters stereotypes whenever he performs.

Mother: “I heard you went to the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. How was it?”

Son: “It was great. They even had a Muslim comedian.”

Mother: “A Muslim? How was he?”

Son: “He killed! He absolutely killed!”

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  1. Thanks for the post. – Naveed

  2. fun for health.thanks.

  3. Thanks for your comedy side. i wanna be a member.

  4. Ashraful Hassan Bulbul says:

    Really great perfomance.
    How to contact him for a performance in New York?
    Ashraful Hassan Bulbul
    New York
    1- 347-965-7809

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