Bacronyms from Bhargava

B.D. Bhargava of Agra, India, has created what he says is the world’s first and only dictionary of bacronyms.Bhargava
According to
Wikipedia, a bacronym is “a phrase that is constructed ‘after the fact’ from a previously existing word or abbreviation, the abbreviation being an initialism or an acronym.”

Bhargava’s collection, which he created with help from his daughter, includes more than 4,000 words, which is pretty impressive, considering that some of the words are quite long. I’ve occasionally tried creating bacronyms for my columns, without knowing that I was bacronyming:

When it came to inventing things, Dongah was out of his element, overshadowed by a caveman named Hongah, widely considered the greatest inventor of his time, having created what he called the “female-impressing raging energy” (FIRE). Unfortunately for Hongah, fire didn’t impress many women, partly because they could no longer relax in the evening. They were now expected to cook. [Link]

I couldn’t imagine coming up with more than 4,000 bacronyms, so I tip my hat to Bhargava, who, at 75, has a rather inventive mind.

Here are some examples of Bhargava’s bacronyms, a few of them rather amusing:

ACTION: Anticipating Certain Trouble Initiate Operation Now.

BEST: By Every Standard Tops

BLARE: Blow Loudly Almost Ruining Eardrums

BOW: Bend Over Willingly

CLIP: Conveniently Lock In Place

CRAM: Constantly Repeat And Memorize.

DATE: Dote Around Touching Erotically 

DIG: Doggedly Impact Ground 

EAR: Earliest Audio Receptor

FLOP: Film Low On Popularity

PACK: Pile And Cautiously Keep

PATIENCE: Perseverance And Tolerance In Extremely Nasty
Circumstances Even

RIP: Ruin Items Permanently 

STOMACH: Sensitive Turbulent Organ, Metabolism Activity
Conducted Here

UMPIRE Unusually Meticulous Person, Imposes Rules Expertly

VOTE: Voice Of The Electorate

(More bacronyms can be seen at his blog. Email him at

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  1. Very impressive indeed ! And very nice selection from the compilation of bacronyms. Look for more bacronyms at

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