Too much curryism in the world

Are you a curryist? Have you ever been accused of curryism? I hope not, because, as the name of thisCurry
blog indicates, I'm a curry connoisseur. I'm a card-carrying member of the curry club. And I can't stand curryism. I don't care whether it's directed against me or any other of my curry-munching brethren. Curry fumes shoot out of my nostrils when I read stuff like this:

India-West reporter Sunita Sohrabji writes
that a housing discrimination lawsuit in California has been settled
for $100,000. According to the non-Indian plaintiffs, Indian tenants
were allegedly steered away from better apartments because the owner of
the Sunnyvale apartment complex felt Indian cooking "stinks up the
place." [SAJAForum]

That's curryfying! There's no excuse for such curryism. The judge should have ordered the property owner and manager to take courses in cultural differences and ethnic cooking, and make sure they have mastered the curryculum.

Curryism is a major problem in the world. Too many people are getting a little curried away.

I just bought a house from a Chinese lady. My neighbour is an Indian and she is very friendly.
didn't know she likes to cook potent curry till I moved in. Every
morning when I wake up, I open the window to nice greenery and
sunshine, and when I take a deep breath, I smell nothing but potent
oily curry smell. I spend like 50k renovating my new house and now I
having second thoughts about staying there. Help! How can I prevent the
curry smell from my neighbour from drifting over? [Post by Tommy]

Tommy: "Help! Somebody please help me!"

911 Operator: "What's the trouble?"

Tommy: "It's my neighbor! She's attacking me with curry!"

911 Operator: "Is she pouring it on you? Is it steaming hot?"

Tommy: "No, she's forcing me to smell it. It's oily and potent!"

911 Operator: "I'll send someone right over. … OPC attack at 44 Broadway! OPC attack at 44 Broadway!"

Ambulance driver: "Another OPC attack!"

Paramedic: "It's crazy, isn't it? We really need to do something about these oily potent curries."

Tommy: "Please hurry! I'm dying of curry!"

Photo by phdstudent

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  1. You don’t say! If this is the case then I wonder what the the Curry Connoisseurs United is doing? Sure, there needs to be a real emphasis on curryculum, not on granting settlements for OPC cases.

  2. Hey, nice articles you’ve written in here. Loved your humour and satire and sarcasm(if i may call it such).

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