Column: The speech that left them speechless

What a fabulous speech Barack Obama
gave at the Democratic National Convention in Denver,Obama poster

Colorado. It was so good
that Bill Clinton turned to his wife, Hillary, and said, “What do you think,
honey? Wasn’t that the best speech you’ve ever heard that I didn’t

“It was a great speech,” Hillary replied. “Almost as great as the
one I would have given.”

Decades from now, people will still be raving
about Obama’s speech, not just die-hard Democrats but also the die-easy ones.
Many will wish they could have been at the convention in Denver to witness
history. Never before have so many people, not sitting on a Chicago street, held
signs asking for “Change.”

History was also made, of course, when Obama
became the first African-American to accept the Democratic Party’s presidential
nomination, saying, “With profound gratitude and great humility, I thank Hillary
Rodham Clinton once again. She is a champion of working Americans and an
inspiration to my daughters and yours, showing them that with hard work and
determination, they too can finish second.”

Obama was quick to attack
his Republican opponent, John McCain, branding a McCain presidency as an extension of George W. Bush’s eight years in office. “On November 4, we must
stand up and say: ‘Eight is enough,’” Obama said, borrowing the title of a
popular 1970s television series to appeal to older voters.  “We must ‘Get Smart’
and climb aboard ‘The Love Boat’ for some ‘Good Times’ and ‘Happy

Citing the economic struggles of everyday Americans, Obama
criticized McCain’s response to the outsourcing of American jobs. “You know,
unlike John McCain, I will stop giving tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs
overseas,” he said, “and I will start giving them to companies that ship them to
Mexico. It’s a smarter approach because, as I told Joe Smith, a middle-aged
auto worker in Detroit, ‘If your job goes to Mexico, you can at least visit it
from time to time.’”

Obama promised to give financial relief to many
Americans, pledging to cut taxes “for 95 percent of all working families” and
“96 percent of all non-working families.” For people earning salaries in excess
of $100,000, he said, “I can’t promise that I won’t raise your taxes. But I can
promise that I won’t tax your raises.”

Obama set several clear goals for
his presidency, including one that received thunderous applause. “In 10 years,
we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East,” he said. “We
will do this, America! We will find our oil elsewhere!”

He challenged
McCain to a debate to determine which candidate has the temperament and judgment
to be the next commander in chief. “You know, John McCain likes to say that
he’ll follow bin Laden to the Gates of Hell — but he won’t even go to the cave
where he lives,” Obama said. “I’ve already been to that cave! I’ve already met
bin Laden! I’ve already challenged him to a debate!”

Following his
speech, Obama received a five-minute standing ovation that was, as a CNN analyst put it,
“more deafening than the one John Kerry received in 2004.” Several Democrats
interviewed on TV said they were “speechless,” which was indeed good news, because
nobody really wanted to hear another speech. Not after this one. Not ever again.

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  1. Dr. Balwant Suri says:

    Your comments about the speech delivered by Obama was far better than highly paid TV media reporters.
    I am waiting to hear your comments about McCain;s running mate SARA as Vice President. If she can get all the votes HILLARY received, she will put McCain in the white house. She will also make history by being Vice President pf USA.

  2. Julie Goodfellow says:

    Hear, Hear, That Obama fellow sure has his act together, doesn’t he? Heaven help us, I see a nazi regime on it’s way, clothed in a coat of another color. Both McCain & Obama scare the daylights out of me.
    Can we have an extreme makeover and try again?

  3. Dorry Hadler says:

    I sure hope Obama don’t get in office becouse if he does we might as well kiss this great country of ours good bye

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