UPS driver having too much fun

We don't know his name, but there's apparently a UPS driver in California who's having a little too Tracking slip
much fun on the job. No, he's not opening all the Victoria's Secret packages and trying on the lingerie inside the brown van. He's making up nasty names for his customers. Well, at least one of them.

Balbir Singh, a turbaned Sikh, signed for a package for his son
Anant, who was at work at the time. He didn't think the incident was
terribly remarkable, describing it as "business as usual."

"I came and opened the door. He gave me the package and I signed. No other talking. Nothing," Singh, said.

few days later, his son, Anant was expecting another package so he
logged onto the UPS delivery tracking website to check on its status.
He accidentally entered the tracking number of the package his father
had signed for earlier in the week; that was when he found the
derogatory term marked in the "signed by" portion of the tracking slip.

"I was amazed," Anant recounted, "I printed the paper and read it again, and it said signed by a "'terrorist.'" [Link]

If the UPS driver actually believed that Balbir Singh was a terrorist, then he ought to be taken to court. Isn't there a federal law against delivering packages to terrorists?

The Singh family has lived in Bakersfield for many years and are
disgusted with insensitivity of the comment, deeming it "totally
uncalled for."

"All of my community who wears a turban and
belongs to the Sikh faith are not terrorists," Anant stated, "We are a
peace-loving people and are part of the community."

father, Blbar Sing responded by saying, "Terrorist is a bad word.
People should be educated. Sikh's are not terrorists, not every Muslim
is a terrorist." [Link]

I think Balbir Singh (aka Blbar Sing) could have phrased that last line better. How about this: "The vast majority of Sikhs and Muslims are not terrorists, just as the vast majority of UPS drivers are not racist pigs."

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