Presidents age faster than any of us

An article in the Boston Globe confirms what we've long suspected: President George W. Bush is senile.

Actually, what the article suggests is that occupants of the White House turn gray and wrinkled extremely fast.

pounding stress of the job can unleash biological forces that translate
into wrinkles, gray hair, weight fluctuation – and sometimes even
premature death, although there is far from universal agreement on the
long-term health effects of the presidency.

Dr. Michael Roizen,
who has written extensively on aging, said a formula he helped develop
suggests that for every year in office, the average president ages two

"It doesn't matter if they're Democrats or Republicans, it
doesn't matter if they've been athletes or not beforehand, it doesn't
matter if they were smokers or not," said Roizen, chief wellness
officer at the Cleveland Clinic. "For eight years in office, they age
16 years." [Link]

Indeed, here's a quick look at some of the things that can change in the space of eight years:

Presidential aging

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  1. Hilariously delightful!

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