Gupta Girls excited about the next Surgeon General

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and correspondent for CNN and CBS, has been offered the position of Gupta
Surgeon General in the Obama Administration, creating excitement not just among Indian-Americans, but also a group of women who call themselves the Gupta Girls. They've been maintaining a fan site for him, featuring a page of "pretty pictures"of Dr. Gupta. Naturally, I had to interview their leader, a woman who prefers to be known just as a Gupta Girl.

Me: "Where were you when you heard the news?"

Gupta Girl: "I was at 7-Eleven, getting a soda. One of my friends, who is also a Gupta Girl, called me. I screamed so loud, people thought I had won the lottery. I spent the rest of the day calling and emailing all the other Gupta Girls. We're so happy that our efforts have paid off."

Me: "Efforts? You mean you helped bring this about?"

Gupta Girl: "Well, we had nothing to do with the fact that Dr. Gupta is the handsomest, most intelligent, most eloquent doctor in the world … "

Me: "On your website, you call him the 'Sexiest Doctor on the Face of the Planet.'"

Gupta Girl: "Yes, he's that too. We have nothing to do with any of that. But we did give money to President-elect Obama's campaign."

Me: "Did you ask Obama to appoint Gupta? Is this going to turn into a Blagojevich-like scandal?"

Gupta Girl: "No, nothing like that. Each of us just gave a little money and included a note that said: 'We love Barack Obama. He's almost as cute as Dr. Sanjay Gupta.'"

Me: "And you think that had an impact?"

Gupta Girl: "Well, it did make the Obama people realize that millions of people adore Dr. Gupta."

Me: "Millions of people?"

Gupta Girl: "It's probably billions around the world. Our Gupta Girls email discussion list has more than 100,000 subscribers. About half of them live outside America. We even had one in outer space."

Me: "Outer space?"

Gupta Girl: "Yes, one of NASA's astronauts is a Gupta Girl. She took a picture of him to the International Space Station for an experiment."

Me: "An experiment?"

Gupta Girl: "Yeah, she wanted to see if her heart palpitations decreased in space."

Me: "And did they?"

Gupta Girl: "No, they actually increased. She thinks it's because there were no other sexy doctors up there. She's going to share the results with the entire Gupta Girls email list."

Me: "Is that what you mainly do on the email list — discuss Dr. Gupta?"

Gupta Girl: "No, we mainly share photos of him. Various angles and poses. And not just the ones you see in magazines and newspapers. We have a few Gupta Girls who work at CNN and they take pics when he isn't looking. We even have one of him plucking his eyebrows."

Me: "Can I see any of these photos?"

Gupta Girl: "You'll have to wait until we create our new website. It's going to be called"

Me: " Does that stand for Surgeon General Sanjay Gupta?"

Gupta Girl: "No, silly. It stands for Sexy Gorgeous Sanjay Gupta."


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