An amorous text message from a call center worker

I often get annoyed at call center workers, especially when they call me at an inopportune time. But at least none of them has tried to get romantic with me, as a call center romeo did with a British woman who had signed up for a BT (British Telecom) landline.

"A few days later I had a call from a call centre from a gentleman who sounded overseas who processed all the order.

"I got a second phone call from him saying I had an email
confirmation and he started asking personal questions like what I was
doing that day.

"Then I started getting text messages."

One message read "Hello, we spoke two hours ago regarding ur BT
order. U must be thinking dat why I called u up second time without any
reason of the call but to be honest I got attracted towards you and
your wonderful voice. Can i be ur friend?"

Another read: "As precious as u r to me, as precious only few
can ever be, I know all friends r hard to choose but u r someone i
never want to lose. Take care xxx." [Link]

The woman says she felt "violated" and complained to BT. The company disciplined the worker and tried to appease the woman.

The company has sent her flowers and made an offer of £250 compensation.

Sent her flowers? Isn't that how BT got in trouble in the first place — trying to get romantic with her?

The woman made a complaint about the call center worker, but perhaps she should have scared him off the way women usually scare men off.

Text message1

And if that didn't work, she could have tried the "Dad's coming" approach:

Text message2

And finally, she could have tried the "Got cash?" approach:

Text message3

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