There’s so much you can do with your head

You don't have to go to a circus to see amazing feats. Just check out this Bangladeshi brick mover (via Ultrabrown):

When that man was growing up, his parents kept saying to him: "Use your head, son! Use your head!"

Meanwhile, my wife keeps saying to me, "Why don't you ever use your head?"

It's incredible what people can do with their heads. They can carry baskets of groceries:

Basket head 

They can carry 100 lb bags of charcoal, while also carrying a baby:

Charcoal head 

They can carry television sets:

TV head

And they can carry new $2,500 Indian cars:

Woman nano

Basket photo by Nir Nussbaum; charcoal photo by Mansir Petrie; TV photo by Max-thinks-sees.

If you enjoyed this piece, you'll love Melvin's novel Bala Takes the Plunge, available in North America through and You can also find it at major bookstores in India and Sri Lanka or online at FlipKart, IndiaPlaza, FriendsofBooks or other sites. A number of readers have written reviews of the novel. An excerpt of the novel can be read here.

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