Into the river with three-inch heels

Ladies, ladies, ladies, when will you learn? You don't have to make a fashion statement all the time. Flippers
You don't have to wear three-inch heels everywhere, including flights from New York City to Charlotte? I mean, what if a flock of geese fly into the plane and the pilot is forced to make an emergency landing in a river? Those three-inch heels might just make you feel like a … well, heel.

Molly Schugel, 32, who sat in a mid-cabin exit row, said that screams
were audible and that there was "definitely fear in the plane." But she
and her seatmates used their last airborne moments to scan the
emergency diagrams on the exit hatch.

"We're all studying the door, what to do," she said. "Every plane
you fly has different handles. The guy next to me, soon as we hit the
water, he opened the door within seconds, and we got out."

Schugel, a Bank of America executive, came to regret her choice of three-inch heels.

"They were very cute," she said, but they offered little purchase atop
a wing slick with jet fuel and water. "We had to go out to the very
narrow part to let more people out on the wing. I was trying to take
them off, holding onto the lady next to me, and then I'm barefoot on
the wing. I don't know if it was a wave or what, but I slid right off
the wing into the water."

Submerged to her shoulders and gasping, Schugel said she knew she
would not last long in the cold. A stranger from the row in front of
her, risking his own footing, reached to fish her out. Someone inflated
the emergency ramp, but in the commotion, it overturned, and no one
could clamber aboard. [Link]

Making a fashion statement isn't as important as keeping yourself alive. So next time you fly, consider wearing the following: (1) swimming flippers; (2) a spandex wetsuit; (3) a pair of goggles; and (4)an oxygen tank.

You may look silly, but would you rather be voted "Most Stylish Woman at the Bottom of the River"?

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  1. This must be what they say “Dressed to kill” – Kill oneself!

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