HOPE: Has Obama Promised Enough?

Some people believe that Barack Obama made too many promises during the presidential campaign Obama hope
and will have a hard time keeping them.

Barack Obama made 510 promises when he was running for
president, a list that is stunning in its scope and leaves almost no
part of the executive branch untouched, according to a new analysis by

The analysis found that Obama made more than twice as many
promises as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, whose campaign pledges
were examined by other news organizations. Bush made 177 promises in
2000 and Clinton made 204 in 1992, as reported by the Knight Ridder
Washington Bureau (now McClatchy).

Obama made sweeping promises like ending the Iraq war and
cutting taxes on the middle class, and narrow ones like establishing
programs to help animals survive global warming, weatherizing 1-million
low-income homes per year and increasing tax deductions for artists. [Link]

He made 510 promises, but I really think he should have made 520. Here are 10 more promises I wish he had made:

1. I promise to create a special advisory board to help Oprah Winfrey come to terms with her weight.

2. I promise to establish a special task force to hunt down every last Nigerian scam artist.

3. I promise to appoint the Rev. Al Sharpton as Ambassador to the North Pole. And Deepak Chopra as Ambassador to the South Pole.

4. I promise to make it legal to throw tomatoes at anyone in the telemarketing industry.

5. I promise to consider the possibility, remote as it might be, that Israel is not always right.

6. I promise to deport the next person who demands that someone else be deported.

7. I promise to organize a peace summit to help solve the rift between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

8. I promise to sit through an entire Bollywood movie. And follow that up with Kollywood, Tollywood and Nollywood.

9. I promise to invite Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to the White House — and sic our new dog on him.

10. I promise to sponsor legislation that requires all employers to adopt a three-day work week.

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