Two $10 discounts you may or may not want

If you live in Tucson, Arizona, and subscribe to Comcast Cable's standard-definition feed, you were Super Bowl
either steaming or beaming during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, depending on whether or not you liked the 30-second porn clip that interrupted the football game.

Thousands of Comcast's Tucson-area customers who were watching its
standard-definition feed during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl on
Feb. 1 were subjected to a 30-second clip from a pay-per-view porn

The clip, which included full male nudity, was the result of a malicious act, Comcast said last week. [Link]

The company has asked the FBI for help in finding the culprit. It's also offering a $10 discount to affected customers. That doesn't seem like much at all, especially to compensate all those men who just found out they have a lot to compensate for.

Wife: "My God! Have you ever seen anything that long?"

Husband: "Pipe down, honey. You know that all football games are this long."

Some folks may have wanted to see more than just 30 seconds. And here's some good news for them:

Adult entertainment production company Pink Visual is offering
local Comcast customers a $10 coupon to allow them to finish viewing
the porn that interrupted the Super Bowl last Sunday.

“We feel really bad for the customers that were just getting into
it when Comcast rudely switched back to the football game before the
clip could really get going,” Kim Kysar, a spokeswoman for the company,
said in a news release. [Link]

A $10 coupon? That doesn't seem like much at all, especially to compensate all those men who were on the edge of their seats, dying to see if anyone would score.


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  1. that’s awesome. nice stuff from pinkvisual

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