Career of the future: blog commenter

A father and son are having a chat. "Have you decided on a career?" the father asks.

"I want to be just like you," the son replies. "I want to be a professional blog commenter."

The father laughs. "I'm not a professional blog commenter. That's just a hobby."

"But Mommy says you do it all day, even when you're at work. She says you write 100 comments a day."

"Mommy's just exaggerating. I write only 99 comments a day. But I do it just for fun. You can't really make a living doing it. Nobody gets paid to write blog comments."

"Yes, they do! I've seen ads on the Internet. Look, here are two of them."

I'm looking someone to post relevant comments on blogs related only to:
internet marketing
Using WordPress
You must locate related internet marketing and wordpress blogs to comment on that are at least:
PR 4 +
do follow links
Your comments must be:
approved and published, useful, readable and relevant and contain my keywords as anchor text related to my website and link back to my site.

HI i want someone who can do this very efficiently for me. I have one all topics blogging website. I need someone who can post blog comments for me on my website.
The comments should be unique and relevant to the topic.
Excellent English knowledge needed for this work. [Link]

The father shakes his head. "You mean I've been writing comments for free when I could have been making money?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"I've written more than 100,000 comments, wasted so many hours and don't have a cent to show for it. What a big idiot I am!"

"No, Daddy. Not a big one. They probably wouldn't have hired you."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, they're probably looking for someone who graduated from Columbia University's School of New Media, someone who has taken courses in blog commenting."

"They're offering courses in blog commenting?"

"Yes, Daddy. They're offering three courses: Introduction to Commenting, Intermediate Commenting and Advanced Commenting."

"I wonder what they teach in Advanced Commenting."

"Isn't it obvious, Daddy? They teach you how to hire people to leave comments for you."

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