Don’t count on using the loo

India's general election went fairly smoothly, except for any women needing to use the toilet, as Abantika Ghosh recounts in her blog. Covering the vote count for The Times of India, Abantika found herself with a full bladder, but nowhere to go. She had to complete a virtual obstacle course to find a toilet, and when she finally did, guess what happened?

There it was. “Ladies’ Toilet’’ written in bright red, right in front of me. I made a dash Loo and almost rammed into a bulky man in white cotton short and pant – the typical ones worn by politicians’ hangers-on. Even before I could open my mouth to chastise him for using the women’s loo, three or four men trooped in. As far as they were concerned they had definitely missed half of the sign outside. They had just read the second word and got going.

I gave up. [Link]

Poor Abantika. Life can be so unfair. Isn't it enough that men can pee almost anywhere? Do they need to take over the Ladies' Toilet too?

Photo by Matt Logelin

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