Look out, it might be the end of the world

If you've been meaning to write a book, climb Mount Everest or do something else significant with your life, you'd better act fast. The world might soon be coming to an end. Of course, you probably already realized that, as soon as the swine flu outbreak hit the headlines. You've probably already made plans to attend the discussion at the Jehovah Witnesses' convention entitled "How to Survive the End of the World."

"We feel it is imminent," spokesman Richard Ferris said. "We can't really put a date on it, and the scriptures tell us that nobody knows days or hours, but we'll look at the signs as a theme of our convention and keep on the watch."

Jehovah Witnesses believe that while the apocalypse will be terrible for many, it will be the beginning of a better world for the faithful.

"The fighting against nations, we're seeing more earthquakes, you can look at the swine flu, all this, and it just points to the things that shows we are getting very close to what we feel is the end," Ferris said. [Link]

Fighting against nations, more earthquakes, swine flu … if that doesn't convince you that the world is coming to an end, consider this: The Arizona Cardinals played in the Super Bowl!

Here are five other signs that the end might be near:

1.India won an individual Gold Medal at the Beijing Olympics.

2. Slumdog Millionaire won eight Oscars.

3. America elected a black president.

4. Michelle Obama put her arm around the Queen.

5. One of my daughters ate her vegetables.

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